Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oru Sankeerthanam Pole...

It was a summer storm that came too early. Lightning danced off houses and the cherry blossom petals blew like snowflakes across the charcoal street still stained by winter saltings. The storm arrived at sunset. The incoming front and disappearing light cast a strange rosy hue across the leafless, skeletal trees bared for winter and not yet realizing spring. Still no rain came. Thunder cracked and rolled while the neighborhood flashed brilliant white. Cars careened down the street in front of my parents’ house and still no rain came. By sunset, the wind had stopped. Finally, big, juicy, fleshy drops fell from the clouds - ending the pink snowflakes’ reign. The lightning continued, but the rumble of thunder could not compete once the rain came.
Rain streaming down the windows
Pattering little feet on the roof
Overhead the black clouds slow
Hovering over the house
At my window I now sit
And wish it were wet snow
Then I could slip outside
And a snowball I would throw
Rain streaming down the windows
Pattering little feet on the roof
A break now in the sky
I wish that when the sky is blue
I could leave this house and fly
The rain has dried up on the window
The noise stopped on the roof
I prayed the rain would stop
The sky is clear, someones there, that's proof. To all who loves rain... To all who miss rain...

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Raj said...

You have created a Nice Nostalgic Moment for us. Thaks for sharing